MCL Image HomeMCL will lower your cost of hermetic packaging with leak rates much smaller than the new version requirements of MIL-STD 883 Method 1014 for Class K devices.

The process begins with a class 1 cleanroom where a proprietary non-contact clean will remove particles insuring that your sealed packages will have a cleaner interior (and exterior) post hermetic encapsulation.

Your valuable packages will never be touched by human hands during the process as MCL Carriers (patent pending) provide “No Touch” automation through the entire hermetic package sealing process - from incoming cleaning and inspection though the entire sealing process including both gross and fine leak testing. After development and pilot production to full production, your Process of Record (POR) will migrate without risk to your product. Copy Exact equipment enables a copied POR while enabling a continual high level support from MCL, as well as the capabilities for continued development and second source as your circumstances may require.

MCL Leak Rates

Rich Richardson’s 28 years of industry experience includes 23 years with Solid State Equipment Corporation where he served as CEO and Chairman from 2003-2011 and Chairman to 2015. Rich’s experience in processing and equipment provides manufacturing expertise in hermetic packaging for Compound Semiconductor, Photonics, Advanced Packaging, MEMs, Microwave, Power and Semiconductor. Prior to SSEC Rich gained experience at IBM ROLM Systems and Philips NV. MCL is well positioned for your success, located in the Brandywine Valley of Southeastern Pennsylvania. The area is home to many technologists, manufacturing specialists, software, electrical and mechanical engineering resources.

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